Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sprite Express (Delhi Metro Tunnel)

Brand: Sprite
Agency: Encyclomedia Networks

I heard about this concept almost an year back and thought it was a bit too costly to implement. But a few days back I got a call from a friend of mine in Delhi who told me about it. Ive been trying to get some detail to it and finally got some useful stuff.

As part of the outdoor campaign, the tunnel of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) from Kashmere Gate to Chandni Chowk has been used for executing a transit innovation.This is an animation film split into 280 frames. As the train enters the tunnel, the ad display box in the tunnel senses the speed, acceleration and de-acceleration of the train. Microprocessors control the illumination of each box on which the ad is mounted and it is lit for a fraction of a second as the train zips by. The boxes are lit exactly when a passenger window is perfectly aligned to it.

What you see here is the complete video as seen by any passenger inside the metro rail viewing outside the window, but actually these are 280 frames of still photographs that make the complete video, something like the flip book in taare zameen par!!!

Now that's innovative marketing :)

PS: There is no audio as its just a visual advertisement!!!


  1. awesome concept - of the ad and this blog :)

  2. ill take the credit for the blog n let somebody else bask in the glory for the wonderful ad concept!!!

  3. aha...nice concept...
    n ofcourse Nice Blog:)

    Keep posting

  4. As mentioned nice way to market... and have to thank you too as came to know about this from your blog only :)

  5. Dikshit, Thank you for posting this. You definitely deserve to take all the credit for the blog. We are the agency behind this ad and we also won the Gold award for this last week at OAC 2009. I am happy to see that our creation is being appreciated. Regards, Mukesh - Encyclomedia

  6. Hi Mukesh, Congratulations on your achievement at the OAC. Your team deserved the accolades they have received.
    I am sure you and your team will continue to come up with such creative ideas in the future too. Wish you all the best!!!

  7. Delhi Metro Advertising, a standard that has recently enthralled the imagination of leading brands. The addition of newer stations will also carry more categories of audiences into the realm of the medium.

  8. Really great post!!